Porsche owners agree: AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brakes are a must!


Just as we've seen among our highly satisfied and vocal Corvette customers, we're now seeing a similar trend with our Porsche clients. The weight reduction, flawless performance, and longevity of our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kits make them the perfect choice for any Porsche owner who wants to squeeze the most from their car on the road and/or track. We've had a steady stream of reports rolling in from our loyal customers about how our brake products are making their interaction with their cars more enjoyable. Below is just a small sampling of our Porsche customer success stories.

AP Racing helps Porsche Cayman owner Podium in NASA GTS2 Championships

AP Racing Brakes are back in action with PCA at Sebring!

Another 991 GT2RS owner samples the AP Radi-CAL

Porsche 718 Gt4 Owner Sets Personal Best At Sonoma After Swapping To AP Racing By Essex Brakes

Thrashing our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brake Kit on a 700 wheel HP Porsche 911

Dundon Develops a Monster 718 GT4 with AP Radi-CAL Brakes

Boosted 991 Carrera S tamed by AP Radical Brake Kit

991.2 Carrera T Owner adopts AP Racing by Essex Road Kit after melting OEM brakes

Porsche 992 owner's track time goes from frustrating to fun via a brake upgrade

Experienced racer dumps tiny stock Porsche brakes for an AP Racing by Essex Road Kit

Porsche 997.2 GT3RS owner drops PCCB and moves to AP Racing and Ferodo

2019 Cayman GTS owner reviews our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brake Kit

991 GT3RS Client sets new PR at Laguna Seca on his AP Radi-CAL Brakes

Another 991 GT3 owner waxes poetic on AP Racing Radi-CAL Brakes!

Pro Driver Seth Thomas shares his initial impressions on our AP Radi-CAL Brakes for his 991 GT3 RS

Three year owner review of our Porsche 991 GT3 AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit

Another 991 GT3 owner checks in with feedback on our AP Radi-CAL Brake System

Owner Impressions: Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-Cal Brakes for the 981 Cayman GT4

AP Racing Brake Kit owners check in as they return to the track!

Porsche Carrera T Owner's Initial Impressions of our AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit

Porsche customer sets a new personal best on the Ferodo DS1.11

Swapping Engines for More Horsies! 981 Cayman GT4

AP Racing Brake Kit Brings Perfect Pedal Feel and Confidence to a former Porsche PCCB Owner

Porsche 991.2 GTS Owner Reviews Essex/AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Discs

Cayman GT4 Owner Shares Thoughts on his Essex/AP Racing Brake Kit

Porsche 997 Owner Shares Detailed Feedback on his Essex/AP Racing Brake Kit

AP Racing-equipped 991 GT3 RS battling in One Lap of America

991 GT3 customer shaves 2 seconds off lap time with our AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit

Below are some videos from of our customers of our brake products in action:

Video: Watch our AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit in action on a 991 GT3 RS

Video: AP Racing Brakes catch air in Australia on a Tarmac Rally 997 GT3

Video: WRTeknica pushes AP Racing Brakes to a lap record at Laguna in their GT3

Video: How to install an AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brake Kit on a BMW M2 Competition

You can see a video detailing our Porsche GT Car Brake Kits below:


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