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While working in the racing industry in his native England, Essex founder Michael Gue discovered pent up demand for British road racing cars and parts in the USA. After moving to Essex Connecticut and adopting the town's name for his business in 1981, Essex Racing was established, and quickly developed a sizeable and loyal clientele.

In 1983, the business moved to the warmer climate of Atlanta Georgia, and continued to thrive as the U.S. importer for Van Diemen and Tiga formula and sports racing cars. Essex was very active in SCCA and IMSA road racing, and the Essex racing team was a winning competitor at both professional and amateur events across North America.

As the demand for Essex's racing cars grew, so did the requests for accompanying spare parts. A separate business was formed to handle this need in 1992, and Essex Parts Services was born. During the following decade, Essex Parts Services became one of the premier suppliers of both road racing and stock car parts in the USA.

Michael left the company to pursue other interests in 1999, and Essex Parts Services was purchased by Richard Martin and Ken Gordon. Essex continued to prosper, and was moved to Charlotte NC in 2004 to better serve a growing stock car customer base.

Essex has listened closely to the needs of its customers, and has continually evolved to meet those demands. While the product line today bears little resemblance to the one 35 years ago, the company's core business values remain intact. Essex therefore remains well positioned as a major player in the supply of high quality parts and services to road racing, stock car, and high performance street customers in North America.

Phone: 704-824-6030



125 Hampton Ct.

Cramerton, NC 28032

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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