Porsche 991.2 GTS​ Owner Reviews Essex/AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Discs


One of our customers who owns a 2018 Porsche 991.2 GTS ran our 2-piece discs with Ferodo Racing brake pads and had a lot to say about his entire experience, from installing them to tracking them.

“I have the AP Racing discs now installed on my 991.2 GTS. The quality is top notch! Simple to swap out as well. I am far from a mechanic and this was actually the first time I have swapped rotors before. It took me 2.5 hrs total to put all 4 wheels off the ground, remove centerlock wheels, remove calipers, remove rotors, put new ones on, put everything back together and then clean everything up. I am sure others could do way faster, but for me I felt this was not too bad. I think the guys at Essex are great to work with and has a top-notch team. This to me is really important. I highly recommend that you give these guys a call to swap discs if you are tracking. There are lots of benefits to their setup which they detail out on their site. For me, I wanted better performance, less heat and less wear. The unsprung weight loss is 4lbs total savings for the 4 corners on 991.2 GTS as I weighed the old and new ones. I will be taking to the track at the end of April and will give my thoughts then. As for streetability, ease of install, quality and customer relations I give Essex and their kit a 10/10!

I have the 2 front hard lines replaced with the spiegler and the sensor wires cut and spliced together. Swapping pads is actually pretty easy. I just pull bolts from caliper, set the caliper on a small washing bucket, then swap pads and place back. Takes me 35 - 45 min to swap the rears out including removing and putting back centerlock wheels and cleaning up. I have been leaving the front track pads in because they don't make hardly any noise. I may pull the fronts out in the winter, I am not sure yet. Really happy with this setup now though. Such a big improvement over stock brakes for the track.”

Update: “I wanted to update this thread after going to Barber this weekend. This brake setup was amazing on the track. 0 Fade, 0 heat issues, smooth stopping, good bite. Just all around perfect upgrade! Highly recommend getting these rotors for an upgrade!”


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