Porsche 992 owner's track time goes from frustrating to fun via a brake upgrade


One of our clients had a very frustrating first trip to the track in his new Carrera 4S. He knew going in that the stock brakes might not be enough for the powerful and capable new 992 chassis, despite his car being equipped with the S brake package, which is larger than the base brake package. His suspicions were quickly confirmed after quickly running into brake fade.

While his initial plan was to only install upgraded pads and fluid, he decided to take things a step further with our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kit. Not only does our system offer a tremendous upgrade in terms of heat capacity, it also fills the large stock wheels far better than the stock brake equipment.

After installing our system, his next track outing saw him chasing lap times rather than problems! Below are his before and after impressions of the car:

BEFORE AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kit

First and most important IMO. The car drives large. Not so much the weight (although it is a bit of a porker), but I needed to relearn the rotation and apex coming from a C2 base. Nothing major, the car actually accepts mid curve corrections without any major issue. Likely combination of PSM, 4wd, and mechanical differential. Not me.

Brakes, while better than base are inadequate to say the least. I think it's related to the pads/fluid in combination with poor driving skills and I could not gauge the electric brake boost being the culprit. I wanted to see what I was dealing with, so I kept it stock for this day. I could say it was a significant error. At least change the fluid to SRF. I boiled driving 9/10th for too long. It's a short track without much in the cooling the brakes. More like a giant Autocross, not my favorite at all. That's where the high hp and weight combine to show that this is not a "track car". I believe a combo of SRF and pagids/ endless will remediate that. I didn't want to change pads bc it's the end of the season and I didn't feel like sounding louder than a dump truck. The discs I think they can be used until their life, then I'll see what's available.

So, the usual, work your brakes before going to the track. The Goodyear tires I didn't bother to try.

AFTER installing AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kit
First track day with the BBK from AP racing from Essex parts.
I carefully built up speed in order to bed the pads properly. Difficult resisting to speed up after so long away from the tarmac.

Once I built some heat in it, took it back to cool down and repeated.

After that, the brakes were just awesome. Once I built up confidence, I was delaying braking more often, increasing my end speed on the main straight from a max of 125 to 133. The even more impressive but is the lack of change in the pedal. I knew they were blistering hot, but the pedal stayed the same. I will change to SRF next time, as I prefer a bit harder pedal, but that's a matter of preference. Because the brakes were so stable, the rims and therefore the tires did not overheat and I didn't have to keep managing tire temps all the time. I managed to improve my best time in 3 seconds on a short track, but more important, several of my laps were in a narrow window, improved from last year.

Pads still have a lot in them, but I may swap for a quieter winter (to DS2500). So far they were not worse than yellow Pagid regarding noise in the street, but they do not bite as well when cold (DS 1.11) as expected with a track tailored pad.
Just swapped the pads to 2500. It's cold performance is quite amazing. On normal and "spirited" street driving you can really feel how superior these brakes are. I prefer a firmer pedal with shorter travel, and the pads provide that. With SRF I think it will hit the sweet spot. I have hopes for aftermarket brake electric booster tuning. Perhaps separate setting for street and track. I don't know if the electric booster will be present on the GT3 and if so, if it's the same part. I'll fiddle with PIWIS and see if there's any calibration available...

Kudos to Jeff for all the help!


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