Three year owner review of our Porsche 991 GT3 AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit


One of our clients recently contacted us to purchase some AP Racing brakes for his new 911 Turbo S. He took the opportunity to tell us about how our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit has performed on his 991 GT3 over the past several seasons:

"My ’14 GT3 was converted to an all-out track car for the ’17 track season. 1st iteration kept the OEM calipers with aftermarket rotor/pads. The brakes were much improved but not up to the performance of the rest of the car. I read about the AP system being developed for the 991.1 GT cars on the rennlist forum and Chris, at Musante Motorsport in Connecticut, was able to secure one of the 1st sets.

To the track—as my car is not street legal I tried to bed the pad on the skid pad for about 20 minutes, clearly not the best idea.1st session and I sacred the living s*** out of myself as the brakes just weren’t doing much. All I could think was that it was the biggest waste of money on the car so far. Chris reached out to Essex and they told him my bedding procedure was not up to snuff and immediately offered to send out a set of rotors and pads that were pre-bedded, no charge (**Editor note- based on owner feedback, all AP Racing by Essex 991 GT3 brake kits now come with pre-bedded discs!**)

I decided to give it 1 more day and it was transforming. The scary track sessions seem to have done the bedding trick and the car was truly transformed. These are without question the best brakes I have ever driven. They shortened my brake zones significantly and by the end of the 1st day I has shed almost 2 seconds off my lap times. Great brakes and great service I highly recommend without reservations, just don’t be like me and make sure you bed everything before try for hero status."


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