991.2 Carrera T Owner adopts AP Racing by Essex Road Kit after melting OEM brakes


An OEM Brake setup typically reaches its limits fairly quickly on a racetrack, as it simply wasn't designed for that environment (regardless of what the car manufacturer's marketing materials say). Many enthusiasts quickly realize that to make a car truly track-worthy, a brake solution is near the top of the must-have list. Melting pads and going through stock discs can quickly turn something that was supposed to be fun into both a financial burden and a time suck. That is where an AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brake Kit can have a huge impact on the track day experience.

Whether you go with our Competition Kits, or a Road Kit like the one featured in this post, you'll be adding dramatically to your car's performance envelope. Our AP Racing Road Kit for the Porsche 911 featured below dramatically increases the brake system's heat capacity vs. the puny OEM Carrera T brakes via giant 380x36mm,72 vane AP Racing J-hook discs, mated to AP Racing World Radi-CAL ll 6-piston calipers.

One of our clients on the west coast recently adopted our AP Radi-CAL system after burning down his OEM brakes at his very first event. Here's what he had to say after spending some time with it:

"I purchased one of the first 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T's into the country - my first Porsche - and a year later did my first track weekend “bone stock”. One weekend and I was hooked - I joined the track club immediately. Unfortunately in that weekend my OEM brake pads melted onto the rotors. A call to Jeff at Essex and I realized that the AP Racing Road Kit with DS2500 pads and AP Racing R2 fluid was going to better long term set up. Going from 4 to 6 piston up front adds so much confidence. I went for the DS2500 pads since I plan to continue to drive 50/50 road and track. The installation was painless, with terrific instructions, the Essex team were even available via phone for a couple of quick questions. One season later, the brakes have transformed my driving as I build up my skills. I can brake deeper and never have a concern about stopping ability or fade. The ability to switch pads without removing the calipers is my #1 selling feature. I just got some Michelin Cup 2's and with my extra speed will get myself a more track oriented pad. Going from the stock OEM setup to the AP Racing Big Brake Kit has been a game changer! Thanks to Jeff and the Essex team for the excellent knowledge, guidance (the videos!) and enthusiasm to this vital component of our tracking experience!" - Mark, Portland OR.


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