Porsche Carrera T Owner's Initial Impressions of our AP Radi-CAL Brake Kit


One of our Porsche clients put his new Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit to the test for the first time ever at VIR recently. This particular gent is the lead Porsche software developer at tuning giant APR. His car is running APR's new Stage 1 software package that increases power to 501 HP and 523 Ft.-lbs. of torque...at the wheels. Those are gains of +155 HP and +195 Ft-lbs. over stock! Needless to say, with that kind of shove, serious stoppers become crucial for track performance and durability. Seeing how the Carrera T comes with the brakes from the Base 911, our Radi-CAL kit makes a world of difference on these cars. We received a text from the track after the owner after he had his first opportunity to lay down some hot laps with the kit installed:

"It was freaking amazing!! So happy with them. Super consistent. Handled everything my stage 1 threw at it on e85. Never had any doubts slowing down from 163 on the back straight into roller coaster. Everything I could have asked for."


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