Cayman GT4 Owner Shares Thoughts on his Essex/AP Racing Brake Kit


One of our customers recently posted on Rennlist about how our Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit changed his time at the track:

“I just wanted to provide a quick update to this thread now that I’ve had an opportunity to drive my GT4 on track with the Essex/AP brake kit installed. I had the car out at Summit Point Main for a two-day PCA DE and the brakes performed very well. The pedal feel is firmer than the OE setup and the Essex/AP setup requires less force on the pedal to slow the car. I realized after a few sessions that I was able to get the car slowed more quickly using less pedal pressure. As soon as I started to get a better feel for the pedal, I was able to brake more effectively than I had been able to previously with the OE setup and I much prefer the firmer pedal feel and greater sensitivity that the kit provides compared to the OE setup, which I have always felt required a lot of force on the pedal to slow the car quickly.

The calipers and rotors also look great on the car. I don’t think the photos do a good job of capturing how much more purposeful the car looks with these parts installed.

Overall I am very pleased with the performance of the kit and I fully expect that my satisfaction will only increase when the time comes for the first pad change.”


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