Boosted 991 Carrera S tamed by AP Radical Brake Kit


After bumping his Porsche 991 C2S's horsepower from 420 stock to a whopping 550, our client Andy's OE brakes couldn't get the job done on the racetrack. He decided to counter his upgraded turbo output with our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kit. Hoping to cut back on consumables, eliminate fade, and get more trouble-free track time, Andy made the right call and instantly reaped the benefits. Below is what Andy had to say after flogging his recently modified beast on track:

"I've done two track days on the car since the new brakes were installed. I elected to go with the road kit and 380mm rotors all around rather than the track/competition kit with the slightly smaller rotors. The reason for that was that I wanted all of the weather sealing that comes with the road kit (dust boots), along with the desire to have no noise from the brakes while on the road. I selected the "standard" Ferodo DS2500 pads as my first set of pads to see how things go. I also stuck with the red color to keep my look as close to OEM as possible.
My car is a 2017 991.2 Porsche Carrera S 7MT with SPASM, Sport Chrono, PSE, RAS and various other goodies. While 420bhp is nothing to sneeze at, I thought the car needed a little more help, so I got APR's K04.3 GTS turbo + APR Stage 3 tune installed on the car. That transformed it from mild to wild - it's hard not to get excited when your right foot suddenly controls somewhere around 550hp!
Prior to upgrading the motor, the standard steel Carrera S brakes would last somewhere around 6-7 track days before needing to be replaced. After I upgraded the motor, I was seeing some 25+ mph more on the main straight at Lime Rock Park, and a similar figure at Club Motorsports in Tamworth, NH. Naturally this means that I had a lot more energy to shed at the end of the straight and let's just say that the standard brakes - while adequate for the road and occasional track day with the stock motor - were not really up to the task any more. The amount of heat generated was massive - you could feel the heat radiating from the rotors from 10 feet away - and I went through a set of pads in 1 1/2 track days. Even when new, they did not inspire confidence due to the increased velocity and, in hindsight, poor modulation.
Fast forward to the new kit that was installed by Zak's Auto in Hudson, NH. They did a great job on the install, and the installation instructions supplied by Jeff and the crew at Essex Parts made for a simple, uncomplicated install. We also ensured that the heat/dust shroud was removed as part of the installation. My first track day with them confirmed that the purchase decision was the right one - the brakes are significantly more powerful, the modulation is much more smooth, there is no pucker factor when going from 130mph down to 40mph, and the brakes just get the job done, again and again. What's not to like about that? As someone else has said - going fast is optional; stopping is mandatory. If you're going to upgrade your motor, you absolutely need to upgrade your brakes. While there are a couple of options on the market, I selected this one for the completeness of the kit, the availability of various different pad compounds and manufacturers, and both Essex Parts and AP Racing's reputation for solid service and excellent quality parts. It also doesn't hurt that they look damned good as well!"


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