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January 9th 2023
SavageGeese GR86 Drops 3 Seconds Per Lap with AP Racing by Essex Sprint Brake Kit

Passing the torch to a 2nd generation of Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ enthusiasts

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July 27th 2021
Video: Ferodo and AP-equipped R35 GT-R Hogs Podium at Pittrace!

"It's necessary to have peace of mind when it comes to brakes- knowing they will be there every time."

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July 14th 2021
Video: Turn-by-Turn Guide of Watkins Glen, powered by AP Racing and Essex

Helping tame one of the hardest braking tracks in America

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June 22nd 2021
Video: WRTeknica pushes AP Racing Brakes to a lap record at Laguna in their GT3

The fastest a GT3 has gone on street tires.

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June 21st 2021
Video: AP Racing Brakes catch air in Australia on a Tarmac Rally 997 GT3

"Find the brakes absolutely top notch! Far better than our cup car!" - Ben

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June 1st 2021
AP Racing brakes carry Costas and GSpeed to two NASA TT wins at Daytona!

"The Essex/AP brakes gave me the ability to brake much deeper than the cars around me, helping me take that win." -Paul Costas

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March 15th 2021
Video: Super Lap Battle Track Record at COTA on AP Racing by Essex Brakes!

Smoking the competition by a whopping four seconds!

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March 2nd 2021
What was in common with all three podium finishers in Trans Am SGT at Sebring?

Essex Parts and AP Racing!

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January 20th 2021
Ariel releases Atom 4 with AP Racing Brake Upgrade Packages

"The AP Racing brake upgrade is being fitted to around fifty per cent of new Atom 4s and is one of our most frequently ticked options." -Tom Siebert, Managing Director at Ariel Motor Company

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January 16th 2020
C6 Corvette Owner Takes a Win at Road Atlanta on AP Racing Radi-CALs

Congrats David Farmer!

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December 13th 2019
Thank You, Discovery Parts!

Congrats on the record breaking year.

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November 20th 2019
Detroit Speed Does It Again; A modern classic

AP Radi-CAL equipped!

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October 18th 2019
Carl Rydquist Wins the Trans Am Super GT West Coast Championship on Ferodo Racing Brake Pads

Ferodo DSUNO for the win.

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September 19th 2019
Video: AP Radi-CAL carries C7 Z06 owner to sub-2 minutes at VIR

Shaving time & weight

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August 13th 2019
AP Racing: 50 Years of Superior Brake and Clutch Solutions

A peek behind the curtain

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July 29th 2019
Detroit Speed's Ryan Matthews takes a Class Win at the Motorstate Challenge on AP

Another assist for the Radi-CAL

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May 23rd 2019
Kyle Larson Wins NASCAR Cup All Star Race on AP Racing Brakes

AP Racing brakes help secure the million dollar purse!

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March 26th 2019
Another victory for the #2 car!!

Kudos on another win for Team Penske

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February 26th 2019
Congrats Penske Racing!

If you ain't first, you're last!

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February 18th 2019
Essex featured on The Brake Report

Supporting all levels of motorsport since 1981!

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June 21st 2018
Video: Essex and AP Racing surface in Sweden!

Ever wonder what a Swedish AutoX looks like?

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March 7th 2018
Video: The Brake Report interviews Essex President Ken Gordon

Why the biggest names in motorsport trust Essex for brake solutions and advice.

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September 28th 2017
Nurburgring Video: Subaru sets sub-seven minute sedan lap record on AP Racing Brakes!

Another week, another record assist for AP Racing.

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August 1st 2017
Expect to Win: How Action Express Captured Six IMSA Championships in Three Seasons, 2014-2016

The Corvette Daytona Prototypes add another chapter to the AP Racing Radi-CAL's legendary performance.

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June 29th 2017
$3 million Bugatti Chiron debuts with AP Racing Radi-CAL Brakes!

Only the best for the best.

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April 21st 2016
Ferodo DSUNO brake pads carry The Prototype Development Group Factory Five GTM to pole and victory at Buttonwillow

Ferodo DSUNO pads get the job done under hours of intense pressure.

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March 25th 2016
Fox 46 News Visits Essex for an "Around the Track" Interview

Going behind the scenes of NASCAR's important players

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March 19th 2013
Innovate FR-S with Essex Sprint Brake System in Modified Street Car Shootout
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