Video: Turn-by-Turn Guide of Watkins Glen, powered by AP Racing and Essex


What were once public roads through a village 70 years ago, have been transformed into one of the most renowned racing venues in the USA: Watkins Glen International. Watkins Glen has a storied history, and over the years has hosted every type of motorsport event, from Formula 1, to NASCAR, IndyCar, and every type of club racing imaginable. With three miles of long straights followed by numerous tight turns, The Glen is one of toughest braking tracks our clients regularly face. The faster you're going, the greater the amount of kinetic energy of the spinning discs being transformed into heat.

Professor Apex for Chin Track Days recently released a turn-by-turn video guide of the track in his Subaru BRZ, equipped with our ubiquitous AP Racing by Essex Sprint Brake Kit. This clinical breakdown of each turn really highlights the awareness required for driving a car at speed on a racetrack. Corner workers, brake markers, curbing, surface changes, etc., all factor into where you want your car to be to produce optimal lap times. The one thing that's tough to get a sense of in any video are the elevation changes. The Glen is like a roller coaster, with several downhill brake zones that further contribute to the thrashing your brakes will endure.


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