AP Racing: 50 Years of Brake and Clutch Innovation


For over 50 years, AP Racing has served as a premier brake and clutch supplier in the motorsport world. Every week their products are collecting trophies on tracks around the globe in elite racing series such as Formula 1, BTCC, DTM, Australian Supercars, WRC, and NASCAR Cup. AP has had an unparalleled level of success, having their brake or clutch product on every car that has won a grand prix since 1967! An article was recently posted to Autosport.com, "The Unseen World of Braking", which examines the huge impact these often unheralded brake and clutch components can play. The article gives a peek behind the scenes, while offering some direct quotes from AP's incredibly talented team, many of whom have been with the company for decades. Have a read over at Autosport.com: https://www.autosport.com/engineering/feature/9287...


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