Video: Super Lap Battle Track Record at COTA on AP Racing by Essex Brakes!


When your 650 WHP Z06 is hitting 175mph heading into Turn 12 at COTA, you need 100% confidence in your brakes! Our client Eric Fleming exhibited that confidence last weekend during his dominant performance at the COTA round of Super Lap Battle. Channeling our AP Racing by Essex four wheel brake system through some beefy Yokohama 1052s, Eric's best lap was a mind-blowing four seconds faster than his nearest competitor, and he eclipsed the track record by a little over one second (2:16.096 vs. 2:17.142 in 2020)! That feat was even more impressive given that Eric had only visited COTA once years ago for an HPDE event. With the ability to dig deeper into the corners, Eric could carry his GSpeed and HorsePower Research-built Z06 into turns as deep as his brain and foot would allow. When asked how his brakes performed, Eric commented:

"I have been using the AP Racing Radi-cal brakes for several years now, on a couple cars, and the braking performance is nothing short of spectacular!" - Eric Fleming


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