Video: AP Radi-CAL carries C7 Z06 owner to sub-2 minutes at VIR


Setting personal records is just one of the many ways that Essex can help you! With the aid of our Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Brake Kit, one of our Corvette C7Z clients recently set his best lap time ever at VIR:

"Finally got the lap I've been chasing in the new car. '19 C7Z with AP Brakes and on Pirelli Scrubs (305/315). Got a mostly clean lap, but I had a passenger with me so I wasn't expecting anything quick. I also had a bobble in T3 as the track was really strange in places after the IMSA event the weekend before. At one point, workers were scraping down the rubber that was 3/4" thick in some spots. I'm heading back in November with Audi so I hope to improve on this. I had a 1:58.8 rolling lap and a 1:58.2 ideal if I can put it all together. I imagine without a passenger and in some better/cooler air I'll pick up quite a bit as well."


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