Innovate FR-S with Essex Sprint Brake System in Modified Street Car Shootout


Innovate Motorsports recently built a killer Scion FR-S to compete in the Modified Magazine Street Car Shootout (feature story in an upcoming issue). The car had several key modifications provided by Essex. First up was the FT86 Sprint Competition Brake System. Shaving 20 lbs. from the nose of the car while providing unparalleled performance, the Sprint System is the ultimate brake option when you're trying to find tenths of a second. Innovate also equipped the car with an Essex FT86 Adjustable Harness Bar. Lightweight, stiff, and versatile, our harness bar holds the driver securely in place, allowing him to focus on the task at hand. We're looking forward to seeing how Innovate's FR-S handled the competition in an upcoming issue of Modified.


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