Essex Brake Pad, Line, Fluid Bundle - Rear Porsche 992 GT3 Iron

Part #: 13.01.30001

Brand: Essex & AP Racing

Take your first step towards a track-capable brake system by maximizing your OEM brake calipers' performance on the road or track. Ferodo Racing Brake Pads, Porsche-specific Spiegler SS Lines, and AP Racing R3 brake fluid, all in one box at an attractive price!

  • Works with OEM rear calipers, no modifications required
  • Improves pad and fluid fade resistance, enhances feel, and dramatically increases durability vs. stock pads under repeated track sessions
  • Includes Porsche-specific Spiegler Stainless Brake Lines, two bottles of AP Racing R3 Brake Fluid, and front Ferodo Racing brake pads in the compound of your choice


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$579.23 Retail Price: $766.41

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What's in the box?

  • One pair of Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines with abrasion resistant coating, installation hardware
  • Two bottles of AP Racing R3 Brake Fluid (617°F dry boiling point)
  • One rear axle set of Ferodo Racing FCP4665 Brake Pads in DS3.12, DS1.11, or DS2500 compound (Pad Compound Comparison)

Pads - Ferodo Racing FCP4665




Released in 2019, the DS3.12 is the latest evolution in Ferodo's incredible DS line. Sports cars today have more of everything: more horsepower, more sophisticated aero, higher curb weights, and stickier tires. These attributes place serious demands on a vehicle's brake system. The Ferodo DS3.12 is the modern pad compound designed from the start to explicitly to handle those demands. Out of all the pad compounds we've ever tested, from all manufacturers, the DS3.12 shows the flattest torque curve across the broadest temperature range. That means that on every turn, on every track you drive, on every lap, your brake pedal is going to feel almost exactly the same, providing tremendous consistency and repeatability. The DS3.12 has a higher mu than Ferodo's other compounds, so not as much leg pressure is required to initiate the desired response. It is also unfadable, showing no drop in performance at any temp your brakes will ever see. In dyno testing, the DS3.12 has shown superior wear rates to the other Ferodo compounds, while remaining kind to the discs. We believe the DS3.12 will become the gold standard to which other race compounds will be compared.


The DS1.11 has a lower mu than the DS3.12 at all temperatures and can be characterized as a moderate mu pad vs. other endurance racing compounds. They require more pedal force than the DS3.12, and they have a slightly declining torque curve as temperatures rise. As they get hotter and you dive deeper into a turn, you may feel like you need to push a little harder on the brake pedal to elicit the same response (which is a feel many drivers actually prefer). Some drivers feel that the DS1.11 is more controllable on street tires than DS3.12 since ABS cannot be activated as easily. It will last a fairly long time vs. many other pad compounds on the market but does not last quite as long as the DS3.12. They are very gentle on discs at track temperatures when a proper pad transfer layer is maintained. The DS1.11 also has an outstanding max temp and fade resistance, just not quite as high as 3.12. We're not aware of anyone who has faded them, and most people differentiate between the DS1.11 and DS3.12 based on feel.


Although we always recommend using a dedicated race pad for the track, the DS2500 is one of the best hybrid street/track pads on the market. It features the moderately high bite and solid fade resistance of a track pad, with the relatively low dust and noise levels of a street pad. When used as a street pad, it can produce some squeal on certain vehicle platforms. If you drive aggressively on the street, do some canyon runs, autocross, and maybe some light track duty on street tires, the DS2500 is tough to beat.

When used on track by 3,000+ lbs. cars with high horsepower and R Compound tires, DS2500 pad wear rates tend to be considerably higher vs. Ferodo Racing's other compounds. If you're looking for extended wear rates under those conditions, Essex would recommend the Ferodo DS1.11 or DS3.12.


‘Typical’ New Dry Boiling Point: 325°C (617°F)
‘Wet’ E.R. (Equilibrium Reflux) Boiling Point: 195°C (383°F)

Prior to the development of AP Racing R4, R3 was the fluid of choice in many professional racing series around the world. It conforms to and exceeds FMVSS 116 DOT 4 and SAE J1703 and J1704.

Stainless Brake Lines - spiegler performance parts

Why Spiegler, and not Brand X?

While we're not the first to create a six line kit, we have created the best one. The quality of the Spiegler components is a cut above the competition in all regards, and you can see the superior precision of the components in the pics below. Spiegler uses 100% stainless steel fittings machined from billet, and all fittings are attached with Spiegler's exclusive stress-free torsion system. That means the lines can be twisted or turned 360 degrees after they've been attached without placing any stress on the line or fitting. The components for Spiegler lines are imported from Switzerland, and the lines are assembled and tested in Dayton Ohio. The result is a brake line of unparalleled strength, durability, and reliability. For less than the price of a set of brake pads you can have the added convenience, feel, and confidence that Essex and Spiegler bring to the table.



All components manufactured in USA and Europe

Stringent and consistent quality control

Stress-free Torsion Fitting System

Allows 360 degree rotation of banjo fitting for correct alignment and strain reduction

Abrasion resistant coating/sheath

Eliminates snagging and chafing

Aircraft quality stainless steel fittings and bolts

Superior strength, longevity, and safety

Heavy gauge, tightly woven stainless steel braid

Eliminates line swell, more consistent feel

Du Pont PTFE- Teflon® lining

Reduces line expansion and provides greater durability

DOT compliant

Quality assurance, road legal

Wide range of colors

Allows for personalization

Standard and custom designs shipped in 48 hours

No more waiting around for lines to show up

Full testing battery on all parts, with lifetime warranty

Purchase and drive with confidence

Comparative Photos: Spiegler vs. Competing Products

In the pics below, the Spiegler lines are gray and the competitor's lines are black. Note the precision and hard edges on Spiegler's fittings and threads, as well as the torsion fittings that allow the line to be rotated 360 degrees without stress.


Something to keep in mind during install is that unlike just about all other brake lines, Spiegler's unique fittings are adjustable. That means no twisting or tension in the line, and you can maneuver them as needed when installing them. We created the GIF's below to show how the fittings work. The easiest way to twist them is to use the little blue plastic blocks (included with your line kit) and a pair of pliers. Then you can spin the lines to point the fitting where you need the line to go, untwist the line, etc.

Just How Strong are Spiegler Lines?

Enough said.




DS2500- 11 FCP4665H

DS1.11- 11 FCP4665W

DS3.12- 11 FCP4665GB

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