Teknofibra 4mm flexible thermal barrier

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Brand: Teknofibra

Teknofibra adhesive-backed flexible sheet. 4mm thick.

4ft wide sold PER LINEAR FOOT

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Teknofibra is an extremely versatile, lightweight adhesive-backed material that is both heat reflecting and heat absorbing. Teknofibra provides an unprecedented thermal barrier that has never before been seen in automotive applications. It can be used to protect cold parts in close proximity to high temperature sources or open flame, and remains completely non-toxic and stable under these types of high-heat conditions (it does not emit any noxious fumes).

Since the product comes in a flexible cloth roll, it can be shaped and trimmed in endless configurations to fit specific needs or applications.

Teknofibra is also an outstanding sound absorber, and can be used for sound deadening and absorption.

Adhesive is specially designed to increase strength with heat so it will stay put when things get hot.

Possible applications include but are not limited to: Turbo component insulation, road noise reduction, exhaust component insulation, intake air temperature reduction, exhaust noise reduction, passenger compartment insulation/protection, ball joint insulation from brake heat, transmission insulation from exhaust, transmission tunnel shield, etc.

Teknofibra in Action

In this video you can see the incredible performance of the Teknofibra material. A piece of Teknofibra was placed on the inside of a body panel, and pressed up against a glowing hot exhaust tube. The exhaust tube registers at 1260 F, while the outside of the panel remains at an incredible 60 F!

Pricing Explanation

A one foot long by 4 foot wide piece of Teknofibra in 4mm thickness = $126.00. If you order quantity 3, you will receive a 3 foot long by 4 foot wide piece of the material, which would be $378.

What is Teknofibra?

  • Teknofibra is a very light weight material (480 g/m2) heat reflecting, heat absorbing with thermal performance that until today any other insulator is not able to give.
  • Temperature contact 350°C (662°F).
  • Thermal conductivity [W/MK] from 0,026 to 0°C (32°F) and 0,045 to 400°C (752°F).
  • Teknofibra is an excellent insulator to protect the inside to high temperatures.
  • Teknofibra is not toxic and even at very high temperature does not emit noxious gas.
  • Teknofibra is an excellent sound absorber, can be successfully used for production of dissipative mufflers, sound absorber parts and flame protection.
  • Special shapes and sizes can be made to customer design.
  • Special compound can be made for high temperature insulation: e.g for a direct contact to a thermal source over 1000°C (1832°F).

This unique material protects parts mounted in close proximity to high temperature heat
sources that would otherwise be damaged without adequate protection. Teknofibra has been developed whilst undergoing rigorous performance tests in our engineering laboratories. Our company specialises in the field of acoustics and energetics engineering, industrial, environmental and construction. Our expertise gained through racing has established that Teknofibra has the enviable position of leading the world in thermal and acoustic material performance without equal.

Laboratory test

The test was conducted with the goal of to be:

  • representative of the proposed applications
  • reproducible for the end user in the normal use
  • demo of performance

Description of the test
For the test was use a fiberglass squared sample of 200mm side and 4,0mm thick, coated on one side with Teknofibra version presented here. In the three trials presented, the sample was placed in contact (protect side) with steel bodies at the temperature of 800°C (1472°F) and held until stationary conditions. For the test were used progressively: A 100mm diameter sphere, a cylinder 100 mm diameter and height and a cube 100mm side. Steady temperatures were measured outside the points indicated, at 30mm distance from each other. These tests are intended to be representative of point contact, linear contact and distributed contact. The performance of TEKNOFIBRA® have been implemented in conjunction with a special glue to a corrugated sheet of reflective aluminium. A reasonable use of such support, will allow to take advantage of the high thermal resistance of our product, as well as the high surface thermal resistance and energetic dispersion of metal foil.

Please note:
The laboratory tests were carried out under closely monitored conditions with high humidity and randomly picked production quality material. Test results are understated to guarantee that performance always exceeds expectations. Teknofibra’s competitors often claim equal thermal performances. However when laboratory tested or used in competition alongside Teknofibra they rarely achieve comparable results. The following data is both accurate and not enhanced in any way to give consumer confidence at the circuit/track.

THERMAL TESTS ON Kaulking and conductivity and resistance material

Identification of equipment and/or samples under test:
Thickness 1,7 mm
Surface density 140 g/m²
Middle hot plate's temperature 310.93°C

Test sample:
The results shown in this test report only refer to the sample under test.

Scope of this tests is to determinate the thermal conductivity λ and the thermal resistance R of samples under test. The test consist to interpose the material under test, between the heat source (hot plate) and the receiver (calorimeter), to measure the energy transfer to the calorimeter and to estimate the suitable parameters.

Tests Conditions:
Environmental conditions 21,30° C U.R.35,9 %
Checked surface temperature 0,073 m²
Checked surface 0,009 m²
Middle hot plate's temperature 310.93°C
Middle cold plate's temperature 34,66°C
Thermal jump ΔT 276,26°C
Number of samplings executed 10
Total time of stabilization 300 s
Total time of measurement 600 s

Tests Results :
Thermal conductivity λ = 0,036 W/mK
Thermal resistance R = 0,047 m²K/W

Test Instrumentation:
Hot plate with closed-loop surface temperature control, dimensions 290x250mm, temperature range 10÷700°C ± 0,3%
Cold plate diameter 107 mm, calorimeter bath of 400 cc
Thermocouple with multiple probes model VA8060 SN n° VA090209588 range -200°C÷ +1300° C± 0,1
Chronometer Oregon scientific model SA928D
The uncertainty extensive associated with the measurement turned out to be less than 3%.
The uncertainty was estimated to the EN 13005/2000 (ex guide UNI 9/1997) with a error function Kp=2,0 correspondent at interval= 95%

Molteni Engineering Lab
Via Ronco,3 21020 Casciago (Va) Italy

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