Ferodo FRP3018Z DSUNO Brake Pads (fits AP Racing CP9449/9450/9451 calipers)

Part #: 11 FRP3018Z-N

Brand: Ferodo Racing

Replacement pads for AP Racing by Essex Brake Kits using CP9449, 9450 and 9451 calipers with a D42 radial depth disc.

Dimensions= 132.4 x 55 x 16.7 mm, D42

We strongly suggest taking advantage of our pad Pre-Burnishing service. Doing so provides several performance and durability advantages, which you can read about on our Services Page.

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Compound: DSUNO


The product you’re after is currently not ready to ship, but please don’t panic! We can likely put it in your hands very soon. For brake kits or disc kits, we typically have the components on-hand to build one for you, and most ship within 2 business days of the order date. Please call us at 704-824-6030 for a firmer delivery timeline.  |  Add to Wishlist



For our customers who enjoy the performance of the DS1.11, but just want a little more bite, we recommend the DSUNO. It doesn't wear quite as long as the DS1.11, but it does offer a higher overall mu once it reaches track temperatures.

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