Ferodo FRP3014R DS3000 Brake Pads (fits AP Racing CP9668 calipers)

Part #: 11 FRP3014R-N

Brand: Ferodo Racing

Replacement pads for AP Racing by Essex Brake Kits using CP9668 calipers

Dimensions= 152.1 x 54 x 25 mm

We strongly suggest taking advantage of our pad Pre-Burnishing service. Doing so provides several performance and durability advantages, which you can read about on our Services Page.

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Compound: DS3000


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The predecessor to DS1.11, DS3000 offers high initial bite with excellent feel and release. Popular among rally teams, DS3000 has a relatively low cold temperature threshold while still offering high temp stability for tarmac. DS3000 is very easy on discs at the expense of pad wear.

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