10-Bolt Floating Hat Disc Attachment Hardware Kit

Part #: 13.04.40002

Brand: Essex

10-Bolt Floating Hat Disc Attachment Hardware Kit

  • One kit= enough hardware for one disc (buy two kits if you are swapping iron rings on two discs)
  • Includes bolts, nuts, and washers (bobbins and AKB spring clips are re-used assuming no visible wear)
  • Torque specs for disc assembly using this hardware= 10 foot lbs. / 124 inch lbs.
  • Iron Ring and Aluminum Hat Assembly Instructions

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  • Rod D. on 05-03-2016
    Just changed the original friction discs that came with our Focus ST kit, which we installed in 2014. Installation was straightforward. Bolts, kay-nuts, and washers are replaced, but save the bobbins and springs from the first set, they are reused. No signs of wear at all on the bobbins and springs from my first set. Springs are installed every-other. Disassembly of rotor, cleaning all parts, and installation of hat onto new rotor took about 20min for each side. I took the opportunity to apply some temperature paint (750F, 1000F, 1250F) onto each rotor while they were clean! Make sure you have an accurate calibrated torque wrench for hardware installation, and it is a piece of cake.
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