Essex has been tirelessly servicing the Sprint Cup market since the year 1989. During that time we've grown from supplying brakes for a single car to servicing as much as 75% of the field on some race weekends. Over the years Essex and our suppliers have provided many of the innovative brake technologies that have improved both safety and performance. Game-changing technologies such as AP's Radi-CAL, J Hook, and S Vane discs all had their genesis in the ultra-competitive Sprint Cup environment, and our exceptional customer service has become the gold standard in the sport. Essex greatly values the long-standing technical partnerships and friendships that we've made in the sport, and hopes to continue our proactive approach for the foreseeable future.

  • Patented Brake Disc Bedding / Burnishing

    Our patented brake disc bedding machine and process has been developed while prepping thousands of discs for the biggest names in motorsports. Our computer-controlled process is unique and repeatable, providing consistent results every time. With competitive rates, quick turnaround times, and delivery service, we’ll put discs in your hands that are ready to race straight out of the box.

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  • AP Racing Caliper Recertification

    Essex is AP Racing's only authorized caliper rebuild center in the USA, and we have the tools and equipment to evaluate the true wear and tear on your parts. Our skilled technicians are trained to ensure your calipers make it back to you quickly and in peak condition. Don't waste money on new parts you may not need, and make sure you're getting the most out of the ones you already have.

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  • Brake Dynamometer Service

    Predict and solve brake issues before they have a chance to ruin your race weekend.

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  • AP Racing Master Cylinder Rebuilding

    Would you rather be up to your elbows in brake fluid, scrounging for components to rebuild a master cylinder, or would you rather drop it in a box knowing it will come back quickly and functioning as new?

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