Brake Dynamometer Service

Sometimes, you can't just go out and buy the exact tool you need. We searched for a brake dynamometer that would both replicate the extreme track conditions our customers face, and provide them with actionable, decision-making data. We ultimately couldn't find one that did exactly what we needed, so we designed and built our own!

The Essex dynamometer is tunable for a wide range of speeds and brake line pressures, allowing for tests ranging from repeated identical brake events up through full track simulation/replication. Cooling can be individually controlled for the caliper, disc, and across the brake system as a whole. Test speeds of 240 KPH (150 MPH) and temperatures in excess of 1,100 C (2,000 F) can be achieved and recorded at up to 1,600 measurements per second. Through the use of adapters, a wide variety of brake discs and calipers can be mounted.

The video shows a small portion of a run made to determine the friction characteristics of a specific brake pad. The friction level typically varies greatly across the range of temperatures and pressures a pad encounters. Results can also vary based on brake pad geometry, brake disc geometry, and other factors. Therefore, results produced with the actual brake pad, disc, and caliper are more meaningful than those produced with a generic friction test puck rubbing against something other than a true brake disc of the proper material and face grooves. In the end, a graph showing the friction level at 20 different temperature/pressure combinations can be produced, as well as the consistency at each of those combinations. This is just one of the valuable tests we can provide.

Have you ever wondered why when looking at data the braking force is very different than you expected, or is changing significantly throughout even a single brake event? Well, there may be quite a bit more going on than you expected! Give us a call today to set up some time on our dyno.

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