AP Racing Caliper Recertification

How certain are you that your current brake calipers are performing optimally? If you're basing caliper condition on visual inspection and simple mileage calculations, you're missing the critical data you need to make an educated caliper replacement recommendation. You're also potentially leaving performance on the table.

How badly has a season of green flag racing fatigued your calipers? Are they experiencing any pressure drops as a result? Are the caliper pistons telling you the full story with a quick visual inspection? Do you really want to be covered in brake fluid trying to find out, or would you rather be doing something cleaner and more productive?

Why not let Essex do your dirty work, and give your calipers a clean bill of racing health through our new Caliper Analysis and Reconditioning Service? Essex will deconstruct your calipers and put them through a rigorous inspection and rebuild process:

  • Cleaning and assessment- Your calipers will be disassembled and stripped of track grime via an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Rebuild- All serviceable parts of the caliper will be inspected and replaced if necessary, including the seals, wear plates, pistons, piston caps, bleed screws, and O Rings.
  • Cyclical Pressure Testing- After your calipers have been rebuilt, they will be cycled at high and low pressure on a pressure bench to ensure proper functioning. This is important, as certain leaks only show up under specific pressure conditions.

Essex is AP Racing's only authorized caliper rebuild center in the USA, and we have the tools and equipment to evaluate the true wear and tear on your parts. Our skilled technicians are trained to ensure your calipers make it back to you quickly and in peak condition. Don't waste money on new parts you may not need, and make sure you're getting the most out of the ones you already have.

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