YouTuber Tj Hunt Levels Up E90 M3 with AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Brakes


YouTuber Tj Hunt's E90 M3 is finally getting the love it deserves. He recently bought the car with the goal of refreshing it using the absolute finest parts money can buy. He recently spent over $7k to revitalize the suspension, and in this episode he drops another $25k in parts alone. Since braking was one of the crucial areas that needed attention, Kies Motorsports set him up with one of our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kits, arguably the finest brake kit available at any price.

As Tj notes in the video below, our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Road Brake Kit for the E90 platform dwarfs the OEM brakes, with 380mm AP Racing J Hook Discs at both ends of the car. Despite a 20mm increase in disc size over OEM, our front kit weighs approximately the same as stock, and our rear kit shaves about 10 lbs. off the rear axle despite a 30mm increase in disc size. Forged APEX VS-5RS wheels round out the footwork at all four corners, further reducing unsprung weight and giving the new brakes room to breathe (aka shed heat).

For more details on the M3 build, check out his YouTube video below. The segment dealing with brakes starts around the 8:30 mark:


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