C6 Z06 owner sets personal best lap time after switching to an AP Racing Brake Kit


We’ve been having our share of racing withdrawal, just like our clients have. The Quarantine has made it harder to get the track time we all crave. That’s why when customer reviews like this roll in, it’s the shot of adrenaline we all needed. John D recently installed our AP Racing C6 Road Brake Kit, and his results have been fantastic. With less fade and more confidence in his brake setup, he was beating his old times while running in sweltering July heat. He notes the ability to attack corners harder than he could previously. We love the feedback John, and we want a ride-along next time!

"After seeing all these cool pictures, I thought I would share some cool shots from VIR a couple weeks ago where you can see the AP brakes doing their thing :-) This was my first event since things starting opening back up, and my second time at VIR. On my previous aftermarket brake setup, I was seeing a lot of fade coming into Turn 1 from the front stretch, and not a lot of confidence on the back stretch at the top of Roller Coaster either. Now with the AP kit, I pushed on them hard all day (in the crazy July heat), and they didn't show any signs of giving up! I still wonder if I'm even getting them hot enough LOL. I managed to knock another 4-5 seconds off my laps times, which I'm sure is just being able to attack the corners harder, and I know I have a lot more room to go. Anyway, thanks for your great products and service, and I hope you enjoy the photos!"


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