AP Racing by Essex Brake Kit Buyer's Guide: Corvette C5 & C6



Which of our AP Racing by Essex Brake Kits is right for you?
This buyer's guide compares the components in each of our AP Racing by Essex Brake Kits to help you find the one that best suits your car and driving environment.

We examine how the calipers, disc size, pad volume, wheel fitment, and your other vehicle mods all play into choosing the proper kit.
0:00 - Introduction to Essex C5 & C6 Brake Kits
1:43 - CP8350/325mm four piston (Sprint Kit)
6:59 - Who should buy our CP8350 kit?
9:33 - 355 and 372mm six piston kits= AP Radi-CAL
11:33 - Brake pad comparison- 6 vs. 4 piston vs. stock
13:24 - 325mm vs. 355mm J Hook Disc comparison
15:42 - CP9660 vs. CP9668 Radi-CAL comparison
19:44 - Who should buy our 355mm six piston kit?
21:06 - 355mm vs. 372mm J Hook Disc comparison
23:50 - Our largest kit still saves unsprung weight!
26:24 - Who should buy our 372mm six piston kits?
28:19 - Our matching rear Radi-CAL Brake Kit
29:43 - Do you need a rear brake kit, or front only?
32:37 - AP Racing by Essex Road Brake Kits
36:20 - Summary and how to reach us

Full menu of brake kits for all C5: https://www.essexparts.com/my-vehicle/2004/Chevrol...
Full menu of brake kits for C6: https://www.essexparts.com/my-vehicle/2008/Chevrol...
For additional insights on how the technology embedded in our AP Racing by Essex Brake Kits allows our owners to dominate the competition, please spend some time in the Essex Learning Center:

Essex and AP Racing have been carrying the fastest Corvettes on the planet to victory for decades, from the pro ranks to club racers, time-trialers, and autocrossers.

Visit the Essex Blog to hear from our customers about how our brake kits have transformed their time at the track from frustrating to fun:


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