AP Racing by Essex 2-piece J Hooks Provide Crack-Free Track Days on this Rare Porsche 997 GT3


Since its introduction as the top trim 911 during the 996 era, the GT3 badge has elicited continually greater demand from enthusiast buyers. Porsche has been happy to oblige the increased demand with soaring production numbers. Compared to the more recent 991 and 992 models, the 997.2 GT3 is really quite uncommon, with only 2200 or so examples built during the production run. Our client Pete managed to secure one in Meteor Grey Metallic, making for a truly rare and gorgeous machine. After upgrading to our 2-piece AP Racing by Essex J Hook Discs, he is now enjoying track days without the premature cracking problems that plagued his OEM cross-drilled discs.

Pete's GT3 is equipped with the following AP Racing by Essex J Hook Disc Kits:

Brand, model, size, and offset of the front and rear wheels you’re running

Stock Porsche GT3 Wheels.

Your experience level & driving history

35 years of various motorsport experience: Tracking, Hillclimb, Autocross.

Favorite product feature

No rotor cracking as compared to traditional steel drilled brake rotors. I have previous experience with AP Calipers and Rotors on an Ultima GTR from Ultima Sports in the UK.

Comparison to other products you’ve tried in the past

Works well with no rotor cracking although some normal heat checking is noted.

Customer service by Essex before and after initial sale

No need for additional customer service as the product was delivered problem free.

Documentation and ease of install

Easy to install but noticed that the torque settings of the floating disk hat hardware bolts were inconsistent.

Would you buy it again, and would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes, would buy again.

Anything about the product that you think could be improved?

Add temperature indicating paint the OD of the rotor?

Race or event wins on our brake kit

Do not race any more, just track days. Can run all day with no worries about brake failure.


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