Video: How to Avoid Buying a Big Brake Kit that is Worthless! (Part 2)


In Part 1 of "How to Avoid Buying a Big Brake Kit that is Worthless!" we took a deep dive into some of the common traps to avoid when shopping for a big brake kit, while also examining the AP Racing and Essex Parts distribution models. Just recently, we received a plea for help from a C6 Z06 Corvette owner who fell directly into one of the traps we described in Part 1. His experience exemplifies everything we talked about in that article, and provides the perfect teaching moment for what can go wrong if you aren't thorough enough in your research.

YouTuber Josh VanVeld spent roughly $4,000 on what he thought was a used AP Racing by Essex Competition Brake Kit, only to find out that his 'kit' included some poorly-designed, mismatched components of dubious origin. Things fell to pieces for Josh when he tried to install the parts and realized that he didn't actually have what he thought he'd bought!

Essex saw this as the perfect opportunity to turn Josh's misstep into a public service announcement that can hopefully help other enthusiasts avoid a similar fate. In the video below, Essex's HPD Manager and fellow Corvette enthusiast Jeff Ritter walks Josh through how to identify an authentic AP Racing by Essex Brake Kit. They also discuss why it's crucial to understand the origin of the parts you're buying, and how trying to save a few bucks on high-dollar aftermarket mods can ultimately end up costing you thousands, while also putting you in harm's way.

Below are the precursor videos to the one above, in which Josh realizes he doesn't have an authentic AP Racing by Essex Competition Kit. Every track veteran who preps their own car can likely empathize with Josh's 'agony of defeat' moment at 15:45. ;)

Please be sure to spend some time on Josh's YouTube channel: Josh Van Veld's Racing Mind. It contains a wealth of great video content for track enthusiasts. From project cars, to track day exploits, to torturing his poor wife with his car obsession, Josh shares his trials and tribulations in a relatable and humorous manner. Essex would like to offer a huge thanks to Josh for taking the time to collaborate with us on this video!


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