The Ferodo DS3.12 wins Porsche Cup Race on Maiden Voyage!


Ferodo dropped their new DS3.12 compound earlier this year, and it has been amassing more and more wins by the week on a wide variety of platforms. With a table-flat torque curve, tremendous fade-resistance, and outstanding wear characteristics, the DS3.12 is provin to be the 'all things to all people' track pad our customers have been seeking for years. One of our Porsche Cup Car clients recently equipped his car with a set of Ferodo DS3.12 Pads, and sent us some exciting feedback after the first opportunity he had to thrash them:

“I just ran the Ferodo pads for the first time ever last weekend at Octoberfast which is a Porsche Club of America race at Daytona. We ran them on my 2018 Porsche 991.2 cup car. I was truly impressed with the initial bite of the pads on entry into turn 1 and the bus stop where our entry speeds were 179 mph and 174 mph respectively. We started the weekend with new stock PMNA (Porsche Motorsports of North America) rotors and brand new Ferodo pads. We ran 2 sprint races (45 minutes) and 1 endurance race (90 minutes) over the weekend plus practices and warm ups. The brake pads maintained the same characteristics from the first warm up on Friday to the last event. Our longest event was a 90 minute endurance race. At no time did we suffer from any brake fade, over heating or reduced braking during that race.

Did I mention we won our class in all our events?

Just ordered another set of pads for my next event and will use these brake pads for the 2020 season.”


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