Swiss C6 Z06 Owner Takes Multiple Podiums with AP Racing by Essex Radi-CALs


The Corvette C6 is one of the most popular and successful racing chassis ever produced in the USA, and it continues to shine in track day and time attack events across the globe. One of our Swiss customers has been putting our CP9660/372mm Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit through its paces on the far side of the world, and dropped us an email to praise its performance:

Part number(s) of the kit(s) you purchased

Part #: 13.01.10029

Brand, model, size, and offset of the front and rear wheels you’re running

Front: Zumac Z1C 19x10.5" ET34 – Michelin CUP2 ZP or PSS ZP 285/30R19

Rear: Zumac Z1C 20x12.5" ET52 – Michelin CUP2 ZP or PSS ZP 335/25R20

Your experience level & driving history

Tracking cars 2-5 times a year for the last 9 years. Before this I did performance driving courses and go-kart as a kid.

How have our brakes changed your driving experience?

On my C6 Z06 it was a safety concern running the OEM brakes. I almost crashed my car with the OEM brakes overheating and having a pin back out of the caliper, hitting the rim. Since I run the Essex brakes, I NEVER had a brake problem and that changes the whole experience. From 2022 onwards, tracking my Corvette was a completely different experience. I could finally concentrate on driving and not worrying about my brakes anymore. Essex have always been very responsive via email or phone every time I had questions about braking systems, pad wear, brake temperatures, etc. The next issues I had to address on the car was proper racing seats and engine cooling. Now that I didn’t have to take cool down laps for the brakes anymore, my engine was overheating! I now addressed the latter with the help of GSpeed, and now all I got to worry about is having enough fuel in my car which is the best feeling when going on track days. Hands down Essex is the best dual performance AND SAFETY mod anybody can put on their Corvette.

Problems that the brake kit solved

100% confidence my brakes will work.

More consistent brake feel.

Longer rotor life.

Don’t overheat the brake fluid / much better heat capacity for track abuse.

Easier pad replacement.

No more need to run brake ducts which were annoying (rub on tire at full lock and the hose would get damaged after each track day needing to me patched up).

Favorite product feature

Easy pad replacement.

Comparison to other products you’ve tried in the past

First aftermarket BBK I purchased; I only have OEM brake experience so can’t really comment.

Customer service by Essex before and after initial sale

Best in class. Very responsive by email and phone.

Documentation and ease of install

Can’t comment. I had my local AP Racing dealer do the install of the kit. It went smoothly.


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