Video: AP Racing vs. OEM Porsche GT Car Brakes


Our AP Racing by Essex brake products have become the recognized standard among Porsche GT Car owners who are serious about tracking their car. Why? Because we've been able to improve upon the factory brakes in every conceivable manner, including convenience, fade resistance, longevity, weight reduction, wheel fitment, and long-term running costs. These improvements translate into faster lap times, fewer problems and headaches, substantial financial benefits, and more fun at the track!

In this video we take a deep-dive into the technical nuances of our brake system to show you how and why they're able to offer such a dramatic improvement over the stock brakes Even if you don't own a Porsche GT car, this video will still give you lots of details on why our brake systems are superior to what came on your car from the factory. Grab some popcorn and watch the whole video or skip to the section that is most relevant to you by using the timeline guide below.

0:00 - Which vehicles do our AP Racing Brakes fit?

1:53 - A Le Mans-winning AP Radi-CAL Brake Solution

3:06 - AP Racing Radi-CAL vs. OEM Front Caliper

4:11 - Front Caliper Weight Comparison

5:15 - Caliper Finish Comparison

6:46 - Ease of Changing Pads

9:52 - Pad Tension Kits

10:39 - Brake Pad Shape and Size Comparison

13:01 - Caliper Piston and Seal Comparison

19:40 - Crossover Tubes vs Internal Fluid Pathways

21:31 - Brake Torque and Differential Piston Bores

23:50 - Rear Caliper Comparison

25:02 - Essex Lifetime Recertification Program

27:15 - AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Disc Comparison to OEM

29:22 - Mounting Hardware and Float

30:44 - Disc Hat/Bell Design

32:47 - Disc Weight Comparison

34:20 - Disc Internal Vane Comparison

36:04 - J Hooks vs. Drilled Holes

38:27 - Metallurgy and Crack Resistance

39:19 - Disc Burnishing/Bedding

41:06 - Replacement Iron Prices

41:52 - Caliper Mounting Brackets

43:06 - Spiegler SS Brake Lines

45:52 - Wheel Fitment

47:13 - Installation Instructions

48:14 - Long-term Value Proposition / Investment

50:08 - Customer Support

51:00 - 2-piece J Hook Discs for Stock Calipers

52:33 - Summary and Conclusions

53:23 - Customer Car Photos and Feedback


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