Video: 320whp turbo FR-S on track with Sprint Brake System



Team VCMC and Shift Autosport have put together a killer 320whp turbo FR-S, built to compete in Scion's Tuner Challenge. Matt Farah of Drive recently took this awesome car out for some track time, and got a taste of an Essex Competition Brake System in the process.

Team VCMC approached Essex last year, looking for the ultimate brake system for their car. Since the Scion Tuner Challenge tests a car's merits across a wide range of motorsports (AutoX, gymkhana, drift, time attack), VCMC wanted the most well-rounded and competent brake system available. It needed to be light, durable, of the highest quality, and capable of dragging their pumped up FR-S down from track speeds again and again without issue. They chose the Essex Sprint Brake System.

Matt Farah of Drive recently took the car out for some laps at Chuckwalla Raceway, and was very pleased with the brake system's performance. He comments on them at roughly 6:34 into the video.


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