Two top SCCA T1 Corvettes running AP Racing Brake Systems


Two of the top three points leaders in SCCA T1 racing are currently running the Essex Sprint Competition Brake System on their Corvette Z06's. These guys are absolutely brutal on their brakes, and our system has carried them to repeated victories, poles, and podiums. We caught up with Oli T. and Bill B. to get their thought on our brake system, which features the CP8350 caliper and CP3908 J Hook disc by AP Racing.

Oli T.- #22 Alvaka Networks T1 C5Z06 Corvette

I love my AP Sprint brake kit. It is a winner in performance. It does a more than effective job hauling my car down from 150+ at some of the most brake demanding tracks like Road America and Auto Club Speedway. The calipers and rotors hold up lap-after-lap and race-after-race.

The AP Sprint brake kit is also a winner financially. The kit is reasonably priced at initial purchase and the total cost of ownership is a winner, too. The pads are inexpensive due to an industry standard shape and a wide variety of brands and compounds to choose from.

They last a good amount of laps even when constantly threshold braking, but when it is time to change them just a quick 7mm nut turn and they pop right out and the calipers are ready to take in new pads. Just push back the anti-knock-back pistons to insert the new pads. I used to bleed the calipers every session. I don't do that anymore. It just isn't necessary. When I do bleed the brakes the fluid comes out pretty clean looking. That is a vast difference from my old system where the fluid came out very visibly polluted.

With the pad shape being so common, if for some reason I am caught short on a new set of pads, some other racer or vendor in the paddock is sure to have a set for me.

Bill B.- #67 T1 C5Z06 Corvette

I'm running these brakes on my T1 car and I highly recommend them. You know you have good brakes when a race weekend goes by and on the way home you realize you never even had to think about your brakes. Looking at data of my T1 car vs. my ST2 car which has full aero and 14" rotors and stoptech ST60 front calipers, I was surprised to see that the deceleration rates of the 2 cars were nearly identical. Combined with castrol SRF, I go through entire race weekends without bleeding brakes, changing pads, or rotors. In fact the rotors seem to last all season depending on what pads you use. My only complaint about my brakes are the stock C5Z abs system which has nothing to do with the AP Srint kit. Thanks for a great product!

Click here to see some in-car footage from Oli, which shows the tight racing that typically occurs in the T1 class.

Essex would like to say congrats to Bill and Oli, and good luck with the rest of your season.


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