Track experience customers get a taste of the Essex/AP Racing Radi-CAL recipe.


The Motorsport Experience , an arrive and drive track experience in Boston, recently contacted us about some new brakes for their fleet of BMW M3's. They were burning through their stock brake pads and discs at a rapid pace, and putting a serious beating on their OEM calipers. They were also plagued by inconsistent pedal feel and brake performance, which can be a serious problem when trying to offer a worry-free and fun day for customers. They were looking for a system that would not only improve their customer experience via enhanced brake performance and feel, but one that could also lower their long-term running costs. We set them up with a brake kit that would do exactly that, our CP9668/372mm front Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit.

The owner of The Motorsport Experience checked in with us the other day to provide an update, and here's what he had to say:

"We had one customer who drove in the advanced group, and he was braking late and very efficiently, and had nothing but praise for our car's braking ability (thanks to the BBK!). At the same time, we had an intermediate driver, who was driving fast, but braking early and long, which would normally put too much heat into the brakes. The Essex Designed AP Racing BBK took the abuse just fine, and this driver, too, had nothing but praise for our car's braking ability. Finally, after all of this, our trusty race engineer, Seamus, took a good look at the brakes... and had nothing but praise for AP Racing BBK! As advertised, these brakes take a beating, and last a very long time, which is obviously a perfect recipe for any track school/driving experience fleet."

If you'd like the opportunity to drive an M3 on a racetrack, without all of the time and expense of prepping your own car, give The Motorsport Experience a call at 617-663-8670!


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