The Fastest Lotus Ever Sold in the USA features AP Racing Brakes: Evora Sport 410 GP


Lotus just released the details on its upcoming flagship model for the US market, the Evora Sport 410 GP Edition. Dripping in carbon fiber, adorned with the John Player Special Livery, and painstakingly relieved of weight, this limited edition comes from the factory equipped with a staggering list of technology that includes a full complement of beautiful AP Racing Brakes. Lotus was able to strip 132 lbs. from the standard Evora 400, bringing the curb weight to a very svelte 3,020 lbs. Lower weight, coupled with less drag and improved aero, mated to a 400hp 3.5L supercharged six, should combine for a tasty recipe. Only 150 examples of this stunning new model will be offered, so get in line quickly!


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