Team Goodyear's One Lap of America Ferodo Fix!


Tire Rack's One Lap of America has become an institution among automotive enthusiasts. Every year it brings out fierce competition, along with an array of brake emergencies. The calls to Essex arrive from the depths of the Midwest, looking for immediate relief to keep hope alive. Last year we had competitors washing rust-inhibitor off AP Racing J Hook Discs in hotel room sinks, and our first team to hit the panic button this year was Team Goodyear. They had a small brake issue that needed immediate fixing, so with some fast thinking and a call to Essex, we had a set of Ferodo Racing Brake Pads prepped and ready for pickup. In a new twist we've never seen before, they had an Uber driver pick up the pads at our HQ and deliver them to the track. The delivery went off without a hitch, and the team ended up placing 11th and 14th overall (second in class) at the CMP Time Trials and 9th overall on the Lanier Oval. Great work Team Goodyear (and the Uber driver), and thanks for keeping this event interesting and exciting! Below are the team's comments after the save.

"We are in Birmingham, Alabama tonight after the transits from CMP and Lanier. We finished 11th and 14th overall (both second in class) in the CMP time trials and 8th overall on the Lanier oval. A small brake issue made the car a bit harder to drive at CMP than we hoped - we had a set of new brake pads Uber’ed (thanks for the idea John)) in from Essex Parts in Charlotte to fix the issue. Our paddock mates Brian Peters, John Hogan, Scott Donaghue, and Jay Dee Krull were a massive help in getting the new pads installed right after the second time trial. One Lap is a great group - these guys really bailed us out today.
We are hoping for a bit more pace tomorrow. But I just found a small TPS issue in our data so who knows. Always something. We’ll keep on trucking in the big Team Goodyear Camaro.

Also huge thanks to David Ogburn for coming down to CMP today. It was a good reunion with the Lap Dogs - hope you enjoyed it and that we didn’t make you work too hard."

Thanks for the photos Rick Cone - great to see you"

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