Customer Review: Essex Designed AP Racing Endurance Brake Kit for a Spec86 BRZ


I purchased and installed the FT86 Endurance BBK with carbotech XP10 pads on our Spec86 race car. I love the rotors' heat capacity, although it took a while to get them up to temp to bed-in the pads. The noise level is pretty high until they are up to temp. Once warmed up it feels great! The stopping power is amazing! The pedal feels very firm and good amount of feedback. This kit is a huge step over the OEM brakes and lets us run extended track sessions without any fade and the pads seem to wear very slowly so far. The kit is well worth the money considering the durability and extended pad/rotor life!

We tried fitment with the following wheels:
Enkei RPF1 17x8 - no issues
Enkei RPF1 17x9 - fits with 3mm spacers
TRMotorsport FF10 17x9 - no issues


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