Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake 6-line Kit for 991 GT3 and 981 GT4


Many of our Porsche customers haven't been thrilled with the quality of currently available options, and have repeatedly asked us to produce a premium quality brake line set that replaces the factory hard lines on the 991 GT3 and 981 GT4. We went back to the drawing board, and the product below is the result.

Why Six Lines?

As you all know by now, swapping pads or changing discs on these cars can be a real headache, because the brake calipers are attached via hard, inflexible brake lines. The OEM lines are rigid, shouldn't be bent repeatedly, and don't allow the caliper to be set aside easily. Our kit replaces the factory soft lines with braided stainless hoses, while also eliminating the hard piping to both the front and rear calipers.

What if I'm Running Studs Instead of Factory Caliper Bolts?

Our lines were intentionally designed with aftermarket caliper studs in mind. We added enough length front and rear to allow the caliper to be lifted off of the studs without having to break the hydraulic connection, or even unbolt the brake line from the brake line bracket. No more fuss and mess every time you want to swap your pads!

Why Spiegler, and not Brand X?

While we're not the first to create a six line kit, we have created the best one. The quality of the Spiegler components is a cut above the competition in all regards, and you can see the superior precision of the components in the pics below. Spiegler uses 100% stainless steel fittings machined from billet, and all fittings are attached with Spiegler's exclusive stress-free torsion system. That means the lines can be twisted or turned 360 degrees after they've been attached without placing any stress on the line or fitting. The components for Spiegler lines are imported from Switzerland, and the lines are assembled and tested in Dayton Ohio. The result is a brake line of unparalleled strength, durability, and reliability. For less than the price of a set of brake pads you can have the added convenience, feel, and confidence that Essex and Spiegler bring to the table.

For complete product details and to purchase: 991 GT3 and 981 GT4 Spiegler Six Line Brake Kit (replaces brake lines at all four corners on car)



All components manufactured in USA and Europe

Stringent and consistent quality control

Stress-free Torsion Fitting System

Allows 360 degree rotation of banjo fitting for correct alignment and strain reduction

Abrasion resistant coating/sheath

Eliminates snagging and chafing

Aircraft quality stainless steel fittings and bolts

Superior strength, longevity, and safety

Heavy gauge, tightly woven stainless steel braid

Eliminates line swell, more consistent feel

Du Pont PTFE- TeflonĀ® lining

Reduces line expansion and provides greater durability

DOT compliant

Quality assurance, road legal

Wide range of colors

Allows for personalization

Standard and custom designs shipped in 48 hours

No more waiting around for lines to show up

Full testing battery on all parts, with lifetime warranty

Purchase and drive with confidence

Comparative Photos: Spiegler vs. Competing Products

In the pics below, the Spiegler lines are gray and the competitor's lines are black. Note the precision and hard edges on Spiegler's fittings and threads, as well as the torsion fittings that allow the line to be rotated 360 degrees without stress.


Below are some install pics that show which lines our kit replaces.


Front OEM soft line:

Spiegler replacement for OEM soft line:

OEM hard line to caliper:


OEM soft and hard lines:

Spiegler replaces both the soft and hard lines with a single, longer, flexible stainless steel hose:

Just How Strong are Spiegler Lines?

Enough said.


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