Video: Watch a C7 Z06 run down some very fast Porsches via our AP Racing Pro5000R Radi-CAL BBK



Check out how much time he gains on the Porsches under braking heading into Turn 1 from 150mph! (time stamps: 5:25, 9:33, 12:15, and 17:30)

This particular customer is a fast driver who instructs with a number of organizations. He ditched his OEM C7 Z06 front brakes in favor of our CP9668/372mm Essex Designed AP Racing Competition BBK. He has newfound confidence in his brakes, and is currently tearing up tracks all over the east coast. Below are his impressions of our brake kit after a dozen days at the track in late 2015 - early 2016:

First impressions, this kit certainly looks impressive. The calipers look like artwork and the pads are massive. I rolled up to tech inspection at the track and the guys working were trying to figure out whether that really was the pad or a part of the caliper. What I noticed though were the little things. Put a box end wrench on the stock bleeders and then put it on the bleeders on the AP racing caliper. The AP Racing ones fit the wrench like a glove with no play and the metal actually feels harder than the stock (or even other aftermarket) bleeders. Are they really chrome? Yup.

I usually instruct or run in the advanced group and my first event with these brakes I went out with the goal to flat out abuse these brakes and see if I could break them. Tried as I might I never had a hint of fade and I before long was in the gas longer, braking harder, and later than I ever had. The brakes flat worked without any fade or long pedal. I've run 12 track days since and they are just awesome.


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