New Product: FT86 Harness Bar


Essex has created what we feel is the ultimate harness bar for the FT86 chassis. While our bar is definitely attractive, our goal was not to create a 'style bar.' Our design objectives were focused almost exclusively on function. We wanted to make the stiffest, lightest, and most versatile bar possible, and we believe we have succeeded:

  • No modifications to the OE sheet metal are required- All of the pieces in our harness bar kit bolt to existing holes in the car. There is no cutting or modifying required. Our bar can be seamlessly and completely removed to put the car back to stock condition.
  • Retains OEM front seatbelt mounting points- Our bar can be installed while keeping the front seatbelts functioning as intended. Also, the OEM shoulder belt mounting location does not change. We simply provide a longer bolt, and the factory belt rests on top of the plate for our harness bar.
  • Both OEM seats slide all the way back and recline comfortably with bar installed.
  • 1-3/4” O.D. steel tube for maximum rigidity- Our bar is a single piece that extends from B-pillar to B-pillar. There are no mid-tube connections, as mid-tube connections are typically not as rigid. While we're not making any claims with respect to chassis stiffening, we will note that the load paths through our assembly are in a straight line. This does increase stiffness more than a design that follows a tortuously crooked or curved path.
  • Adjustable height with 4 positions- The four positions allow for a wide range of vertical adjustment. We've provided an appropriate mounting point for drivers of different heights, and for those running various types of seats and mounting methods.
  • Four primary attachment points to the chassis- All four primary connection points are directly to factory belt mounting locations, and there are no flimsy sheet metal connections. Our bar has billet aluminum end plates that attach to both B-Pillars. The end plates are bolted to the factory shoulder seatbelt mounting points (near the roof, behind your head). A tension rod attaches at the bottom of each plate and runs back to the shoulder belt mounting location for the rear seat. Having multiple mounting points securely locks the bar to the chassis, and the tension rods have left and right-hand threads allowing infinitesimal length adjustments to simplify fitment.
  • Mounting plates are machined from ½” billet aluminum plate- Light, precise, and strong, our low-profile machined billet aluminum end plates allow the bar to be accurately positioned in the car without intruding into the cabin. Only one small piece of interior plastic must remain out of the car when the bar is run in the default top position (the piece closest to the top OEM shoulder belt mount).
  • Durable and attractive black powder coat finish- All of our components are powder coated semi-gloss black. When the bar is installed, it does not attract any unnecessary attention, and it blends nicely with the interior of the car. Only the bar itself and a small portion of the billet aluminum end plates remain visible.
  • Highest quality fasteners- Only high-strength fasteners are employed.
  • Optional 2-piece shoulder harness locating collars
  • Weight with fasteners is 14.5 lbs.

Retail price will be $649.00, and we're looking to ship to customers before the end of the year.

Essex harness bar1

Essex harness bar2

Essex harness bar3

Essex harness bar4

Essex harness bar5

Essex harness bar6


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