Customer sets new personal best at Road Atlanta on our Essex/AP Racing Competition BBK


Another happy customer crushing it on the track using our e46 M3 front 6 piston Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Kit and rear 4 piston Caliper Kit. After upgrading to the front kit Alex immediately set a personal best at VIR. Just weeks later he decided to upgrade to our rear kit and BOOM, ANOTHER PERSONAL BEST!! This time it was set at Road Atlanta beating his previous time by 4 seconds! Please see his comments below:

"Just had my first weekend out at Road Atlanta, and again my impression stays the same as it was after VIR, “Why didn’t I do this sooner”? Throughout the entire weekend there was not one time where I felt even remotely nervous about braking on a pretty demanding track like Road Atlanta. I was consistently getting faster throughout the weekend and ended up with a new personal best of 1:41:53, down almost 4 seconds. Even hauling down the back straight at 140+ I could run to the 200ft. marker down the back straight, out-braking GTS3 with full aero, despite likely a 500lb (gutted GTS3 with only driver vs 3300 + me and an instructor) weight disadvantage. The hands down highlight of the weekend was chasing down Mike Renner in the brand new 2016 M2, and again braking later with similar speeds down the back straight."

Photo Credits to MotorSports Media & Anna Behlmer


Customer Comments:

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