More wins for the AP Racing Radi-CAL on an e92 BMW M3


Our BMW Radi-CAL Brake Kit owners continue to push the envelope and win races. Last weekend Jason Merck, supported by team OG Shark, pedaled his e92 M3 to two race wins and two pole positions in B Modified at Circuit of the Americas. He was looking good in his other two races, but suspension and driveshaft issues forced his retirement. Jason is running our AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit, loaded with Ferodo Racing DS1.11 pads. Jason sent us the update below after his weekend exploits. Not only are he and his team winning races, it looks like they are having lots of fun! :)

We raced in the BMW CCA Club Races at Circuit of the Americas and overall had a very positive weekend. There were four races over the weekend and we took first in class in two of them. The first race we were leading when we had a suspension failure that resulted in a DNF. We then won our class in the next two races. In the final race we unfortunately had a driveshaft failure that dropped us out of the race as well. A lot of ups & downs over the weekend but overall a very positive one for us. Besides the two victories we walked away having gained very valuable knowledge about the car. The car has pretty much been in constant transformation since we decided to compete with it. Every time we have gone out on track so far we the car has been in a different state than the previous outing. The one constant we have had to this point has been the brakes. The Essex AP Racing kit has been absolutely awesome in performance and consistency. We have been running Ferodo 1.11 since day one as well. This combo has served us very well to the point where I believe braking to be one of our strongest attributes on the track.

Race: BMW CCA Club

Venue: Circuit of the Americas

Class: B Modified


Race One: DNF (Suspension)


Qualy: 1st in Class

Race Two: 1st in Class

Race Three: 1st in Class


Qualy: 1st in Class (PB 2:21.924)

Race Four: DNF (Driveshaft)


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