'Mind-Blowing' Brake Kit Leads to Newfound Confidence!


A simple brake upgrade can not only change the way a car performs, it can completely alter a driver's confidence! A superior brake system enables any driver to focus on dropping lap times and hitting brake points, rather than worrying over mishaps and failures. One of our clients, a Subaru WRX owner, sent us an email to thank us for his Essex/AP Racing brakes after a recent event:

“I'm running the Essex/AP Racing 325mm Competition Brake Kit on the front of my 2002 Subaru WRX and it's mind-blowing. I made the change after a total OEM brake failure at Mid-Ohio sent me into the tire barrier, and I've never had more confidence in braking. These are paired with the Ferodo DS3.12 pads. I love it! They've done 6 time attack sessions so far this season and a pair of shakedown days, with two more events left.”


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