Customer Review: Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Brake Kit for Subaru WRX STI, '04-'15


I purchased this kit to replace my OEM brembos on my autox car. I had better wheel clearance than OEM with this caliper. I initially used CL r6 pads and for our courses I could never get enough heat in them to get out of their abrasive state, so I was recommended to use the ap100 Street/track pad after I used up a set of discs in 200miles of bedding in and autoxes. The cl6 obviously had incredible bite, but the ap100 still felt great for my tires I'm using. (Dunlop star spec) The other great things about these calipers is the wide variety of pads, you can use these for any tire, or weight, or level of confidence the driver is using.


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