Honda S2000 Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Brake Kit Inbound!


Honda S2000 owners... the brake kit you've been lusting after is on the way! We just completed test-fitting the prototype parts for our new kit, which features a four piston AP Racing Radi-CAL Pro5000R caliper and 338x26mm, 72 vane AP Racing J Hook discs. Despite being considerably larger than stock (300x25mm), our fully-floating disc weighs almost exactly the same! At 4.85 lbs., the Radi-CAL weighs roughly half of what the OEM slider weighs (9.5 lbs.), and features a slew of high-tech components. During development we also focused heavily on wheel fitment, which is always an issue with the S2000. We tested a 17" Enkei PF01 (17x8+50), and it cleared our kit with tons of room to spare. These kits will be available exclusively through our partner Urge Designs, and they are accepting pre-orders now!

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