Ferodo Racing Brake Pad Giveaway Winner Announced


Want some exclusive perks? Your AP Racing by Essex Brake Kit or 2-piece Disc Kit comes with them! As a member of our Facebook Owner's Club, you'll periodically have the opportunity to win exclusive gear and prizes. You'll also have a great place to meet hundreds of other Essex clients with a similar passion for motorsports. To join our group you must: A) Be a current owner of an AP Racing by Essex Brake Kit or 2-piece Disc Kit and B) Answer three simple questions. We just completed our latest giveaway for a FREE set of Ferodo Racing Brake Pads. For this contest we asked our owners to provide their single favorite aspect of our product, along with a pic of their car. The winner was chosen at random, and Randy Bader Jr. walked away with the goods for his Subaru 2.5RS. Congrats Randy, and thanks for your continued support.

Below are some of the other responses we received:

^ Stephen Johnston ^

"Love the design of the two piece rotors. Pic of installation day!"

^ Bryan Gleisner ^
"I couldn’t be happier with the AP Road Kit. Porsche brakes aren’t bad, but AP’s are simply better. Pad changes are a breeze compared to Porsche’s closed system and these are fade-free all day at Road America. Best brake setup I’ve ever had on any car. They just work."

^ Alex Behlmer ^
"My favorite benefit is HANDS down the best sales guy in the world Daniel!"

^ Shannon Yeo ^
"I love the quick release caliper clip! It makes swapping out my massive 25mm thick track pads a breeze!"

^ Dan Hopkins ^
"So many favorite aspects of my AP kit!
1. Super consistent and 100% reliable
2. Pads and rings last twice as long as oem, saves time wrenching on the car between events
3. Capability!!!
Still probably the single best upgrade I’ve made to this track car."

^ John Duty ^
"When I first tracked my car with stock brakes, the brake fade after a few laps caused me to end my track sessions early or risk hitting the wall. After switching to AP Racing calipers, rotors, and Ferodo DS1.11 pads I can stand hard on the brake pedal all day long!
The confidence this has given me on the track is tremendous, and extending my track sessions while reducing lap times are just another bonus. It is definitely the best bang for the buck modification you can do to your car!"

^ Nick Schultz ^
"So many great features that I love about an Essex/AP kit it’s hard to list them all but here are a few that come to mind:
1. Super easy to work on
2. Consistent pedal feel lap after lap
3. Superior heat management without having to use brake ducts
4. Great friendly service from the two guys I always talk to at Essex (Daniel Stagg and Jeff Ritter)"

^ Mike Wagner ^
"I like how much unsprung weight I save!"

^ Ken Walling ^
"It gave me the ability to drive a full 30+ minute session and not have any braking issues or spongy pedal! And the pads cost about the same as the stock size, but last way longer! Thanks for the great products!"

^ Kenley Carson ^
"Peddle feel is same at beginning of session as at end of session"

^ Ryan Gsell ^
"After a couple of years of constantly struggling to make the stock brakes reliable on the track, the AP kit from Essex has made my car worry free and reliable in the braking department."

^ Adam Sekulow ^
"Eliminating weak points in your given chassis is an important task to accomplish if you are going to competitive and safe while on track. The Essex AP Racing Brakes filled the that void in the brakes on my BMW E92 M3!
Feels like boat anchors have been thrown out going into 10a at Road Atlanta. The Essex kit has given me the confidence to charge the brake zone lap after lap without worry!"

^ Eric Loose ^
"I love having the absolute CONFIDENCE that my brakes are going to perform lap after lap."

^ Brian Loose ^
"Having the peace of mind that it's a system in the car that will act repeatably lap after lap, session after session, event after event without fail is awesome as it allows me to focus my energy elsewhere. I don't have to worry about the system failing as long as maintenance is done and it's inspected (which is usually very quick and easy).

A big bonus is how easy it is to swap pads over the factory system!"

^ John Beystehner ^
"With an overly complex brake by wire system which adds and removes pressure as it sees fit, replacing the stock brakes removed one layer of complexity and gave us the confidence that the Calipers and Rotors were not a weak point in the system"

^ Tim McCoy ^
"With APs, I no longer have to spend my spare time at the track flipping pads, swapping pads, or changing cracked rotors. And they feel the same throughout an entire session! LOVE them!"

^ Michael Davidson ^
"Consistency throughout a full session on a track known to be hard on brakes. And bumps of course! lol"

^ Christian Guirguis ^

"Ferodo DS1.11 and J hook discs. First set of track pads and rotors I use that doesn’t squeal on the street"

^ Steven Hoagland ^
"Installed the AP endurance kit front and rear back in 2014. It's the best braking system I have ever used on any car. I also use the Ferodo DS 1.11's or 3.12's. and buy them from Essex."

^ Gabe Zamora ^
"My favorite benefit is having the stopping power with a very progressive and modular brake pedal feel opposed to feeling like my brakes are nonexistent or an on/off switch"

^ Levi Reyes ^
"I have tried many Big Brake Kits on my high powered turbo MX-5 ND.

340x22mm J-hook discs on a lightweight BBR Turbo ND. I get plenty of compliments at the track and on the streets.

AP Racing CP9449 Radi-CAL for consistency and control."

^ James Anthony ^
"My car came with a OEM CCB setup, and for HPDE events the cost and maintence aspects werent too appealing. Went with a Front / Rear AP Racing setup and it has been fantastic."

Special thanks to all of our contestants
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