Ferodo DS2500 Pads Available for Audi A4, A5, A6 (C8 Chassis), and Q5 (B9 Chassis)


Many Audi Quattro versions of the B9 A4, A5 and Q5, as well some C8 A6s, utilize 4 piston ATE calipers paired with 338mm discs on the front axle. This brake configuration with multiple horizontally-opposed pistons is a significant upgrade over the single piston "slider" designs of lower trim B9s and previous generations like the B8. That said, for enthusiasts who like to push their Audi on twisty roads or at the occasional road course event, true high-performance pads for the new caliper have been difficult to find. We're thrilled to announce that Ferodo has come to the rescue with their new FCP4616 pad in the ultra versatile DS2500 compound!

Although we always recommend using a dedicated race pad for extended road course use, the DS2500 is one of the best hybrid street/track pads on the market. It combines the moderately high bite and solid fade resistance of a track material, with the relatively low dust and noise levels of a street pad. The DS2500 is known for its flat torque curve, which means as temperatures go up, the response through the brake pedal remains consistent. If you are a spirited driver who enjoys mountain/canyon runs, autocross, and maybe some light track duty on street tires, the DS2500 is tough to beat. For more info on these pads, please visit our FCP4616H product page, where they are available for purchase.


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