Video: FCP Euro shoots for a sub-minute lap at Limerock with Ferodo DS2500 Pads


Nate Vincent, motorsport director at FCP Euro, is no stranger to fast Volkswagens. He currently pedals FCP Euro's TCR GTI around tracks across the country every week in the TC America series. Nate was familiar with Essex because their TCR car is equipped with AP Racing Radi-CAL brakes (which you can also have for your Mk V,VI, or VIII GTI!). When he needed to tackle a sub-one minute lap at Limerock in FCP Euro's project GTI, he gave us a call for brake recommendations. They weren't far enough into the project series to go with a complete brake kit, and were looking for a milder upgrade that would still allow them to hit the track for some hard laps. Our solution was the Ferodo DS2500 pad, which is arguably the most versatile pad compound on the market today. With fade-free resistance to 1500‎°F, great cold bite, and easy disc wear, it's the perfect GTI pad for just about all environments and conditions. Check out the results in the video below.

While turning laps Nate commented, "I'll tell you what - I'm braking at the three marker and it's fine with it. Brakes feel amazing, talking rated minimal abs engagement, really really not so bad." Vincent came to the conclusion, "The brakes were absolutely awesome, light years better than the stock brake pads - a must do for any car seeing some track time".


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