E92 M3 Owner's Initial Track Impression of AP Radi-CALs


After a couple months of running his Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit, our customer provided some of highlights of his time on the track with them.

"The Radi-Cal 9668 & 9449 combo have been phenomenal on my E92 M3. I’ve spent four out of the last seven weekends at COTA – a track not exactly easy on brakes – and have been able to put a fair number of laps on them. As expected I have experienced zero issues with fade – even on some sessions that we were able to extend out closer to an hour. This, without having added any ducting yet, and with a car that is still a bit on the hefty side (3800+ lbs with me in it). We’re on the doorstep of breaking into the 2:2x’s out there with a best of 2:30.75 – that’s scooting pretty good for this platform and we still have a lot of room to improve. Definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable pushing this car this hard if I hadn’t upgraded to your brakes!"

Watch a hot lap here:


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