Devin dives deeper with AP Racing and Ferodo


One of our e92 M3 clients recently emailed us with some feedback on his AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit. He was previously running one of our competitor's products and certainly doesn't regret his decision to make the leap to AP Racing by Essex. Thank you Devin for taking the time to check in with us!

"I'm running an '08 purpose built e92 M3 on the Essex AP Radical 9668/9449 BBK. I'm a big fan of the Ferodo DS3.12 and DS1.11 pads with R4 or Endless fluid. 18x11" Apex EC7s with Hoosier R7 295/315 (effective ET19 & ET32). I've been tracking my e92 over the past 3 years and run TT with NASA, and SCCA with a consistent 1:54 at High Plains Raceway.

I upgraded to the Radi-cals from the StopTech ST60/40 kit and the reliably firm pedal was immediately apparent. It's consistent lap after lap and inspires the requisite confidence to deepen the brake zones or execute late brake passing. While it's a considerable upfront investment, the endurance pads provide greater heat tolerance and thus wear, resulting in reduced consumable expenses. Lastly and equally important, Essex's service and approach-ability is refreshing especially at the amateur level. Reliable products and reliable service. Can't say this often in the industry."


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